Thursday, 28 July 2016

A feast of activities

Simply put, the social timeline feature on Workpoints displays ‘what's been happening’ within an organisation.

With a similar look and feel to that of Facebook’s social timeline, this feature of Workpoints is there for a variety of reasons. Firstly, the timeline can be used to inspire people to get more involved in the activities of their organisation. Secondly, it is also there to display the most popular activities for the month and lastly, but most importantly, it’s primary use is to recognise those hard working individuals within an organisation.

How this is done is that when you achieve an activity or a fellow colleague recognises you, this will be posted, in real time, to the social timeline. This means that the entire organisation will be able to see your hard work.

That’s not all – there is also a personal timeline that is displayed on an individual’s home screen or Workpoints landing page. Here an individual can view their recent awards, lifetime awards and their total points earned.

The feature is great for organisations as it will boost people participation towards the company’s vision, meaning that people will get more involved as they will see and receive recognition first hand.


Zine Maphumulo (BCom General)

Zine is our Operations Administrator here at Workpoints. She is our query handler, our fixer and our number one prankster. 

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