Thursday, 28 July 2016

More celebration, less administration

Celebrating birthdays is one of the basic ways of showing recognition to employees. Plus, it makes the workday a lot more fun! However, the admin behind organising and distributing gifts, emails or cards can quickly get out of hand making it easy to miss a trick or two therefore undoing all your good intentions.

That's why we've created an app for Birthdays. Introducing our new Birthdays App at Workpoints. While you join in the celebrations, our Birthdays App will send a Happy Birthday email to your employee on their special day and announce it on the Workpoints social timeline, automatically and seamlessly.

It will also send along points (at an amount of your choosing) to spend at any of our partners. This means you don't have to guess which gift to get and your employees are guaranteed a great celebration!

Just one more way to make staff rewards, recognition and engagement easy.


Bradley Van Aardt (MSc Engineering)

Bradley is our CTO here at Workpoints. He is our super all rounder, our jokester and our go-to guy.

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