Thursday, 28 July 2016

Recognition in your pocket

Generally, people and their phones are attached at the hip – literally. However, when asked to use their mobile devices for work, often this is where the love/ hate relationship begins. With the fear of work encroaching on personal time, some people quite simply refuse to have anything ‘work’ on their phone.

Now there is a good reason to include a little something work-related on your mobile device. Workpoints has just launched it’s highly responsive, mobile-friendly website that enables you and your work colleagues to recognise and reward one another...from anywhere and at any time.

Our mobile site pages resize to fit any screen dimension, regardless of the web application running on your phone. The reshaping and resizing of text, buttons and images will ensure that your on-phone experience will be just as good as that of your computer-browser.

This means that not only will Workpoints enable mobile teams to use our software no matter their location, but it will also enable anyone to have a quick squiz at who’s been up to what, check their leader board status from anywhere or to redeem a voucher from our reward store while doing their Sunday morning shopping.


Sean Noné (Bachelor of Economic Science, Honours)

Sean is our COO here at Workpoints. He is our maths genius, our number one triathlete and an all round cool guy.

Workpoints is a fully featured reward, recognition and incentives platform that provides you with the tools to create a high performance organisation. Our easy-to-use application integrates simply into any organisation and instantly encourages staff to do the daily grind with excellence and energy. Visit for more info and a free trial!

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