Thursday, 28 July 2016

We know everyone is unique

Since not all organisations are the same, we at Workpoints have spent a substantial amount of time ensuring that activities – one of the core components of the application - are built for maximum customization. An activity on Workpoints is an attainable quality from which recipients can earn points. For example, we can setup an activity called Social Function and award it to anyone who attends a company Social Function. The recipient can then earn redeemable points upon receiving this activity. 

Setting up an activity on Workpoints is a breeze. We start by assigning it a title, description and category.

Once we have these three standard fields we can then create our own custom fields! For example, in our Social Function activity we can create a date field – which would indicate the date when the function took place. Likewise we could add a venue field which indicates the location where the function took place.

As another example, let us assume your organisation would like to encourage employees to better themselves through professional certifications. With custom fields we can set up an activity to drive this kind of behaviour. We’ll call the activity Self-Development. We can add fields such as certification name, date and points.

Now, whenever someone obtains a certification we can award them the Self-Development activity, and credit them with the points, specified by the administrator in the organisation, in the points field. 

With the Social Function and Self-Development activities we have just defined two completely different behaviours that we would like our employees to adhere to – building an inclusive team and developing one’s own skills. Therein lies the beauty of Workpoints activities, they are extremely malleable.

By using custom fields you can set them up to drive the exact behaviours required for your organisation!

Want to drive peer-to-peer mentorship in the organisation? Set up a unique activity! Want to reward proactive behaviour? Set up a unique activity! Want your team to look forward to filling in their time-sheets? Set up a unique activity!


Sello Mkantjwa (BSC Computer Science, Honours)

Sello is part of our Software Development team here at Workpoints. He is our go to customer products guy, our music guru and our super model.  

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