Thursday, 29 September 2016

16 Personality Types? More than 25 Reward Types!

Whether its for birthdays or employee rewards, as an HR staff member, have you found yourself running around buying vouchers to drop off on desks? As an employee, have you been the recipient of a voucher, that although the sentiment is appreciated, you simply pass it on to your wife or mother-in-law? With Workpoints, we believe in allowing individuals to choose their own rewards.

Our extensive voucher store not only caters for a variety of choices, but we’ve ensured that there is something that appeals to all the different personality types. No matter the personality assessment you use, we are all aware that there are different personality types amongst our employees. Take “The Giver” for example, also known as an “ENFP”. This is a person who typically focuses their energy on the well being of others, someone who feels satisfied and gains inner peace within themselves by giving. Our Donations partner facilitates their desire to help others, and in turn leaves the individual with a feeling that their efforts have contributed to the well being of another person, thereby ‘making it all worth it’.

Let’s look at another personality type where typically a more introverted focus is taken and one who feels the best value one can get is to invest in your own future. For these individuals, we have GetSmarter; an institution that partners with leading universities to offer a portfolio of short courses and postgraduate programs. If you are the type that feels money is for saving or investing rather than spending, we have EasyEquities, where you can choose to invest your points in shares from a selection of JSE listed companies, or make use of the tax free savings account.

If you prefer to live a little everyday, with our retailers in the grocery, pharmaceutical, restaurant, and entertainment space, you’re bound to find something that satisfies you where you feel rewarded for your efforts, and ultimately appreciated for your contribution and hard work.

Our voucher store continues to grow and there are often new and exciting partners added.

Which personality type are you and how would you spend your points?


Amanda Mohr (BCom Industrial Psychology, Honours)

Amanda is part of our Behavioural Specialist team here at Workpoints. She is our client advice giver, our multitasker and our personal shopper.

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