Thursday, 22 September 2016

Peer recognition goes further than you know!

"Rewarding others is true success.” ― Joseph Rain. We believe there’s no truer statement than this one when it comes to workplace recognition.

Back in the day, when employees did something note-worthy, they would most likely receive a ‘pat-on-the-back’ or their hard work would go unnoticed. Nowadays, thanks to technology, saying those very important thank you’s are a whole lot easier!

Our product, Workpoints, is available and can be tailored to fit the mould of your organisation. So why not encourage colleagues to thank each other for displaying your organisation’s values?

Workpoints enables your employees to publicly recognise each other for living your organisation's values. Most often these values, or what we call 'soft-skills', are aspects like showing mentorship, going the extra mile on work tasks and displaying various other attributes such as skills and information sharing.

Once your organisation has agreed upon which values to promote, these will be made into activities. 

Let’s use the 'Fist Pump: Always Helpful activity' (displayed above) for illustration purposes. Note that due to the platform’s customisation functions – you could add a bit of fun to your personalised Workpoints programme by including funky names for your peer recognition activities, some popular ones include Kudos, High Fives and POTB’s (pat-on-the-backs).

Back to explaining the above picture then. Your employees will be able to award this recognition to fellow peers whom they feel are personally invested and are always assisting.

By granting your employees ‘permission’ to recognise each other, does not mean that you are handing over the reigns completely. There can be limits set on how many times an employee can award or receive an activity. The limitation can be made for set periods such as a month, a quarter or a year. The activity can also have a points value allocated to it or it can be of a zero value (if simple recognition is what your aiming to achieve).

Once awarded, the activity will show on the organisation's timeline, congratulating the employee for their hard work!

This will further promote peer recognition in that others will notice that exceptional work is rewarded. This boosts the work environment morale which as we all know, in turn, boosts productivity.


Zine Maphumulo (BCom General)

Zine is our Operations Administrator here at Workpoints. She is our query handler, our fixer and our number one prankster. 

Jillian Dabbs (MCom Industrial Psychology)

Jillian is a part of our Behavioural Specialist team here at Workpoints. She is our content developer, our avid blogger as well as our party planner.

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