Thursday, 15 September 2016

To innovation and beyond!

What lean principles teach us is that there is no real end-point to business processes, the target is rather that of remaining relevant. Innovation, change and continuous improvement are therefore the name of the game.

Only when your employees work with queries, concerns, systems and processes on a daily basis do they start to identify where improvements can be made. Your employees can identify how they can increase value for your customers through improving quality, efficiency, eliminating waste and reducing cost. In this regard, it makes sense to get as many of your employees as involved as possible!

With Workpoints you can incentivise growth and novel ideas by creating a culture that encourages innovation and continuous improvement. Practically, our platform enables you to prioritise growth and novelty by setting up activities directly related to them. Your employees will earn points for the solutions they come up with or implement that they can then spend online in our Workpoints reward store.

With our timeline functionality, the entire organisation can see when, and how often, these innovations take place. This enables you to create awareness around innovation and reward those people who continuously drive growth.

With a bit of tweaking you can also run special campaigns to vote for specific ideas. This gets everyone involved in the process. 

Open the floor for innovation and allow your employees to vote for the best ideas, with Workpoints!


Estée Roodt (MCom Industrial Psychology)
Estée is part of our Behavioural Specialist team here at Workpoints. She is our keen researcher, our problem-solver and our number one sports star.

Workpoints is a fully featured reward, recognition and incentives platform that provides you with the tools to create a high performance organisation. Our easy-to-use application integrates simply into any organisation and instantly encourages staff to do the daily grind with excellence and energy. 

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