Thursday, 20 October 2016

New Feature Release: Notifications...Announcements made easy!

Workpoints yet again brings you a new exciting feature, which we've called Notifications!

Provided you’re a program administrator, you can now make an announcement to the entire program community in a few simple steps. Possible uses for this? Well, any announcement you’d like to make whether it is to inform people of a new campaign or to remind them of an ongoing initiative. This feature can be used to convey the same message to everyone at the same time. How do I make use of this awesome tool? It’s as easy as selecting it directly off the timeline page:

Alternatively, select Notifications from the Main Menu (top left corner).

Once the Notifications link opens, simply type in your content, check the preview below and Post to Timeline! You can also inform everyone of your notification/ announcement via email by selecting this option when you create the Notification.

Once you are satisfied with your message and click on Post Notification, your post will be made instantaneously on the timeline and it will be pinned to the top of the timeline feed!

Only the latest (if more than one notification has been created) will be pinned to the top of your timeline feed. Should you feel that it has served its purpose, there is the option to remove the notification by clicking the cross in the top right corner of the notification. If you create a new notification, it will simply replace the old notification (only one notification is displayed at a time).

So just like that, using Workpoints you can send a message to the entire organisation with ease!

Zine Maphumulo (BCom General)

Zine is our Operations Administrator here at Workpoints. She is our query handler, our fixer and our number one prankster. 

Amanda Mohr (BCom Industrial Psychology, Honours)

Amanda is part of our Behavioural Specialist team here at Workpoints. She is our client advice giver, our multitasker and our personal shopper.

Workpoints is a fully featured reward, recognition and incentives platform that provides you with the tools to create a high performance organisation. Our easy-to-use application integrates simply into any organisation and instantly encourages staff to do the daily grind with excellence and energy. 

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