Friday, 28 October 2016

More new features on Workpoints, yup we just keep rolling them out!

Although there may be steam coming out their ears, and while they wipe the sweat off their brows, our developers at Workpoints never fail to continuously add new features to the program. (The secret lies in fueling them with ample cold drinks and tasty snacks!)

Introducing this week’s exciting new developments, we have not one but two new features to make you smile. The first is the new functionality of being able to give awards directly off the timeline page. 

Through tracking user patterns, as well as listening to our clients, we realised this is something that would make it easier for users to navigate their way around the program as well as improve efficiency around giving out an award.

On the timeline page, simply choose the award from the drop down list:

Search for the person and complete any required fields...

Then click Award! Workpoints...saving you time, making you smile, putting you others first!

The second feature is the option to now publish any of the award fields on the timeline post. What does that mean? That means that if you have included additional fields as part of the award, such as the name of a certification completed or the motivation given by peers when they recognise each other then you can display this information on the timeline, thereby informing the whole team.

To activate this, simply go into the settings of the activity, the Fields tab, tick the box "Make this field appear on the timeline if the activity is posted to the timeline" then save.

Any queries on how to use these features or if you’d prefer to engage with us around the application thereof, don’t delay...dial away! Alright alright, enough cheesy phrases for the day. Enjoy these new features!


Amanda Mohr (BCom Industrial Psychology, Honours)

Amanda is part of our Behavioural Specialist team here at Workpoints. She is our client advice giver, our multitasker and our personal shopper.

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