Thursday, 24 November 2016

Bonus Time!!!

Workpoints endeavours to be innovative and give you amazing new features. This time we bring you a feature that we call Bonus Points! Sounds awesome already, doesn’t it?!

Why bonus points you may ask? Sometimes the opportunity for a bonus round or bonus points is all the extra encouragement you need. Let us take the Be Active activity (below) as an example. For an individual to achieve this, they need to be “Joining and participating in any of the company fitness clubs”. Some people might say they are not the fitness type, however if an extra incentive is given then they might reconsider and “go for it”.

How does bonus points work? By going to the configuration/ settings of the activity, the administrator can set up specific rules that must apply in order for people to qualify and achieve the bonus points. The bonus points are always timeframe specific, meaning that something must happen within a specific timeframe – hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly.

Bonus points can also be used in zero value activities where the activity is used purely for peer to peer recognition with no value attached to it.

In our example above, we can see that people receive 100 points when they receive the Be Active activity. The bonus points set up states that when someone achieves this particular activity three times within a specific time, they will be awarded an extra 50 points! The bonus points are in addition to the normal points achieved for activities. If the activity is a zero value activity then bonus points are very useful and will mean that much more to those who receive them.

Bonus points will help encourage people to reach for certain targets and to go that extra mile. If you wish to hear more about bonus features or anything else then contact us on, or set up your own free trial on our Workpoints website and try it for yourself!

Happy Thanksgiving to our Canada and United States readers and everyone else that celebrates the day!

Zine Maphumulo (BCom General)

Zine is our Operations Administrator here at Workpoints. She is our query handler, our fixer and our number one prankster.
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