Thursday, 8 December 2016

Notifications Communication!

It is sometimes difficult to discern if communication is an input factor into culture or if communication is itself the result of a well cultivated culture. Symptom or cause is the question. I have read of the “cultural barriers” to communication in the work force and yet I have often heard the remark that a strong culture has resulted in a work force’s successful levels of communication. My view is that they are not completely distinct and that they feed off of each other in a manner where the absence of one will preclude the other, and strength in one will embolden the other.

This is why we at Encentivize we have enabled so many elements of communication within our Workpoints solution. Communication from Workpoints has been thought through in detail; from the imagery of the portal, to the types of graphs and summary data displayed, to the wording of the congratulatory and weekly emails. We have also enabled our customers to use the platform to communicate important messages such as notifications of upcoming events, announcements, and other business specific information. We have done this in a manner that seamlessly integrates to the look and feel of the platform and delivers on the detailed thinking around visibility, ease of access and recurrence.

So the next time the CEO of your company is going to be on CNBC Africa and you would like to create a buzz amongst your teams, pin a Notification to the Workpoints timeline and include an email to everyone explaining the time, detail and even a link to a live stream of the show; OR if you have set up a culture building party for all those engaged employees who actively recognise their peers, pin a Notification to the timeline without an email alert so that those who log in and read the timeline regularly will show up for the treat.

For a recap on how the functionality works see our blog titled “New Feature Release: Notifications...Announcements made easy!” at this link

Sean NonĂ© (Bachelor of Economic Science, Honours)

Sean is our COO here at Workpoints. He is our maths genius, our number one triathlete and an all round cool guy.

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  1. Communication is not just a term but it involves a full process which if not followed properly it may end up with a wrong information or less understandings as well as miscommunications among the people.

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