Thursday, 1 December 2016

Workpoints notifications on Slack!

Slack is a great tool for facilitating team communication and it brings all your communication together in one place. Now you can also connect Workpoints to Slack and avoid all that constant switching between apps! Set up your integration now so that you get all your activity notifications directly within Slack.

First you'll need to create a new Incoming WebHooks for a channel on Slack by following the step on their site here.

Once you have followed the steps on Slack you will be given a WebHooks URL (it will look similar to this format

Kindly make a note of it as you will need this URL to setup the integration on Workpoints. If you want more information about Slack Incoming WebHooks you can read their documentation here.

Next you will need to decide which Workpoints activities you want to post to Slack, if you're having trouble deciding you can contact your behavioural specialist to assist you with making the choice in  alignment with the goals of your Workpoints program.

Go into the activity setup and then browse to the output tab and enable the Slack integration. All that's left is to copy the Slack Incoming WebHooks URL, that you made a note of earlier, into the provided input. Ensure that posting to the timeline checkbox is checked then Save the activity.

Now when someone awards an activity with an enabled Slack integration it will be posted in your Slack teams’ channel!

Slack is slick like that! Enjoy slacking away and if you need more information then contact us on


Thiren Bunsee (BSC Computer Science, Honours)

Thiren is part of our Software Engineering team here at Workpoints. He is our number one firefighter, peanut butter  sandwich lover and coca-cola connoisseur.

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