Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Activity Self Assignment

Peer recognition is a concept that we always try encourage within an organisation but we also understand that you might need to have a number of top down awards to reward people for driving an organisation's culture and values - for example, attending social functions or team building events. 

These types of 'attendance register' based activities are normally given out by a designated administrator. Often times the person that captures these awards on Workpoints also earn these same awards, but they would have had to ask another admin on the program to award them separately. This is because until now, people on Workpoints would not be able to award themselves activities, regardless of their role.

We are excited to announce that you can now allow people in any chosen group to award themselves an activity that has been setup to allow self awarding. 

Simply open the activity setup screen,  click on the rules tab and scroll to the Self Assignment section. Click the add group button, choose the appropriate group and save the updated activity. 

You can now allow certain groups of people to award themselves an activity - great for register/attendance based functions!

In the example, we have allowed people in the managers group to award the Social Function activity to anyone, including themselves, who has attended a social function.

Another way to less administration and more celebration of everyone's contribution!

Feel free to try out this new feature - and as ever, give us a shout at or through our Facebook page if you need more info or help!

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  1. Thanks for letting us know about it. This is going to make everything fun haha. Its nice to see that the company has added such a nice feature.