Sunday, 2 July 2017

Super Leaderboards!

The leaderboards app has always been a well used tool on many Workpoints programmes. Now it's even better!
Now you can create your own multi-activity leaderboards!

Whats new?

We've added the capability to create custom leaderboards, each with their own combinations of activities. It's super simple to setup as well - just click "Add", set a name and choose the activities that will contribute to your new leaderboard. You can also choose if the leaderboard is calculated from the activities points, or just by the number of activities completed. 

What can I use this for?

Custom leaderboards are great for encouraging excellence in certain areas, and they are also great for short running campaigns. 

For example, you could create a "Wellness" leaderboard to draw attention to newly launched company health and wellness initiatives. Or you could have a long running Sales Superstars leaderboard, comprising of activities representative of the entire pipeline (eg. Generating Leads, Closing a Sale, Increasing Value etc). 

By adding these niche customisable leaderboards linked to your companies overall goals, you can keep more people interested and engaged - as people can shine in their particular areas of expertise. 

Power Tip: Consider awarding bonus points for  leaderboard winners to encourage even more participation and excitement!

Watch out for the new Leaderboard rolling out soon - and as ever, give us a shout at or through our Facebook page if you need more info or help!

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  1. Thanks for sharing the uses of leader boards. Yes i also think it will be helpful for the companies to handle their data.

  2. This new attendance based function is really cool. I haven't seen it applied here in any of my locals. Thank you soo much for writing to us your blog post is very informative